The Journey


My Past

I grew up in a two-parent Christian home and, somehow, just assumed that's what my future held, too. Well, the first marriage ended after 23 years along with so many of my pre-conceived notions and beliefs about life, society, politics and love. I'm a better person for that experience even though it ushered in much heartache, upheaval and an ongoing impact to my three children. I've been married to the best man on earth since 1997 and have enjoyed a long, multi-faceted career including leadership roles, conference speaker and being an  

Amazon Best Selling Author.


My Present

I have three kids: Stephen, Joel and Bekah - you will meet them indirectly through my writings. Stephen is married to Emmy and together they gave us Halle, and twins Adalynne and Laynie. Joel died November 27, 2017, through complications of drug addiction, and waits for us in Heaven. Bekah is still finding her way on a journey of her own. My practice is now focused on The Resilient Journey: being a friend and providing support to those who have suffered loss whether through life changes such as divorce, job loss or relocation or the separation from our loved ones through death or broken relationship. Together we can find refuge in this fragile fight.  


Join My Journey

What is The Resilient Journey? People disappoint us. Promises fail. Dreams fade. Life changes. People die. What do we do when the path deviates from the plan? We grieve, we  might get angry,  perhaps we get depressed ... and then it's time to get up. Notice what I didn't say - I didn't say move on. Regardless of the depth of the damage, we are changed. We don't "move on" from the loss of a loved one. We don't "move on" from a traumatic event that completely alters the trajectory of our - and others' - lives. Getting up is just the beginning - recovery is not linear. It's messy and unpredictable. Good days suddenly turn into bad days. Tears come out of nowhere. Faith seems to fail us. We get up many times. But on The Resilient Journey we find refuge in compassion, understanding and forgiving ourselves.

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