The Resilient Journey: Grief, Change, Addiction


Finding Refuge in the Fragile Fight

Life is what happens when we're busy making other plans. Just when we think we have it all together, along comes LIFE to show us how impotent we are. I have learned this the hard way - through some major (and minor) changes - and I'm still learning the value of resilience.     


Adversity is humbling. When we put together the strategic plan for our life, we don’t include milestones of suffering: here’s where I lose my job, around  here is where my marriage breaks up, and right about here my child dies. But without hardship, our humanity is lacking.  Our conversations are based on unproven theory. There’s no depth to the relationships we have with others. 

I was so smart when I was younger, so smug. So sure I would never experience this level of grief or unspeakable loss to addiction . Adversity makes us better people; multidimensional, with more texture and a greater capacity to care for others.  

I am here to come alongside you on this journey - offer support, share what I have learned and what I am still learning. Here we find refuge in the fragile fight. 

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The Resilient Journey

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